County Executive George Latimer Endorses Clyde Isley For Mayor


Track Record to Eliminate Corruption and End Dysfunction in Mount Vernon

Clyde Cares

Strong Mount Vernon Roots

  • Clyde chose Mount Vernon as his home almost 40 years ago.
  • Clyde raised his family, owns a home and LOVES living in Mount Vernon.


Skills needed to bring real transparency, accountability and modernity to City Hall.

  • BA, Business Administration and Computer Science
  • M.P.A Master of Public Administration


Clyde has been recognized several times for excellence in leadership. In fact, Clyde received the FBI Director’s Award for Exceptional Service (the highest civilian honor by the FBI) for rooting out corruption in Mount Vernon.

A Career of Service

There are no risks with Clyde. As Mayor, he brings experience, expertise and success in:

  • Anti-corruption
  • Budget Development, Management, Administration and Strategic Financial Forecasting
  • IT System Upgrades and Implementations
  • Workforce Development Programs
  • Large Scale Project Management
  • Strategic Planning, Forecasting and Emergency Preparedness
  • Performance Accountability and Evaluations
  • Demonstrated Leadership and Large Workforce Management


Stabilize current chaos and end government dysfunction

  • An Isley Administration will be one of High Standards and Great Expectations
  • Accountability, Responsibility and Anti-corruption
  • Reinstate Mount Vernon's Bond Rating Through transparency and Adoption of Best Financial Practices
  • Top to Bottom Review of City Policies and Procedures and Adherence to City Charter
  • Competent and Experienced Professionals to Lead City Departments